Cummins Repair in Greeley CO

At Rocky Mountain Rig-up and Repair, we make it our priority to keep your Cummins engine running safely and efficiently with regular Cummins repair, service and maintenance unlike other diesel engines, Cummins engines require thorough understanding, as well as a trained touch, from a mechanic with decades of experience. We are the premier source for all light and medium-duty diesel engines, specializing in Cummins repair in Greeley CO. Your truck deserves the best – not to be passed off to a rookie general mechanic that has no experience with diesel engines. As certified Cummins engine repair technicians, we perform all aspects of diesel engine repair as well as repair all other components of trucks. Rocky Mountain Rig-up and Repair is the team you should be calling for your Cummins engine servicing.
Cummins Repair

Maintenance is important to keeping your Cummins engine running in top condition and lasting long into the future. Cummins diesel engines are delivering grade-A dependability and performance along with high fuel efficiency. These engines are a common choice for most modern semi-trucks and many other vehicles, including heavy machinery. We provide inspections for your Cummins engine with any service which helps limit the number of repairs needed on your truck. We carry all of the Cummins specific tools and diagnostic equipment to diagnose and repair engine, fuel, electronic or mechanical issues. We can proudly state that we can perform Cummins repair and maintenance services, regardless of its model.

You can always trust our shop to provide the high-end Cummins diesel service your vehicle needs to stay at peak performance. Our specialty is engine diagnostics and repair, and we use only Cummins OE parts in all repairs, no offshore parts here. Replacing an engine is expensive; we repair engines that others won’t. To improve the quality of our services, we utilize state-of-art equipment and improved our facility so it can fit any vehicle. We continue to educate ourselves on the best maintenance for a Cummins engine. Their advancements have also expanded towards the environment and the improved emissions standards. While we can inspect all vehicles for emissions standards, we can also fix the same issues with your Cummins engine’s emissions. We are distinguished owing to the skill set and other professional superiority of our staff over the generic workforce of a standard engine repair and maintenance company. We are also capable of offering spot repairing and maintenance services.

We are key to maintaining your Cummins engine. At Rocky Mountain Rig-up and Repair, we have the requisite tools and the technical knowledge to repair Cummins engines. If you are looking for dedicated Cummins repair in Colorado, then you should always choose Rocky Mountain Rig-up and Repair. Finding a mechanic that can handle any vehicle’s engine you own is priceless. Whether your vehicle is used for your commute to work, to power a motor home, or your latest agricultural or landscaping project. We keep your Cummins engine ready to go.

If you have any personal or commercial vehicles used for any construction or farming needs, like tractors or backhoes, powered by a Cummins engine. Bring it here first! We can correctly diagnose any repair needs and keep you on schedule for any of your work.