Custom Metal Signs

Why not hire Rocky Mountain Rig-up and Repair to design and build a custom metal signs? If you are looking for weather-resistant, durable custom metal signs, you’ve come to the right place. Rocky Mountain Rig-up and Repair, offers personalized metal signs or high-quality aluminum signs that can be designed to meet your specific needs. Steel, stainless steel and aluminum fabrication is an art, and our staff in our steel department are the artists who turn these materials into custom metal sign masterpieces to be admired. Working within virtually any budget, we can bring your creative desires to reality. We can use any design you supply to create a custom metal signs or metal sculptures.
Custom Metal Signs

Work with us to create a unique piece perfect for your application. Our custom metal signs are the preferred choice for indoor and outdoor applications that require exceptional aesthetics and durability. Every design is developed specifically to your requests. Before cutting on our in house CNC plasma table we will provide you with a render for approval of the final design. Our goal is to go above and beyond your expectations and become your most trusted business alliance. From business signs to fire pits, man cave decor, to your favorite sports team, you'll be amazed at the talent our shop has when it comes to custom metal sign art.

If you need a sign that is sturdy and versatile, steel is an option to consider. However, if you prefer something lightweight, with rust-resistant qualities, and economical, aluminum may best suit your needs. Perhaps the most common material for a metal sing is aluminum. Aluminum is often the cheapest metal you can use but it is also very lightweight but still surprisingly durable. However, sometimes situations call for a sturdier or more impactful metal. We have a unique understanding of the use of signage as a distinctive product brand that will draw customers as well as encompass a vision for future growth potential.

If you can dream it up, we can create it. We have professional staff, each with a unique area of expertise. It has been said,” A business with no signs, is a sign of no business.” At Rocky Mountain Rig-up and Repair, we understand that a sign is the best way to attract potential customers. We are able to fabricate custom signs and one-of-a-kind metal sculptures that deliver the desired look and feel you want to represent your business. We create unique accents for businesses and homes such as signs, fire pits, and numerous other metal pieces. Whether you've seen it on Pinterest or you created it in your head, will make your custom metal signs desires a reality.

Custom metal signs for commercial advertising are durable, often lasting decades and looking new throughout the seasons. Metal signs are customizable, and popular with restaurants, wineries and industry. We have the ability to finish our metals to create a wide range of looks. We can give a sign a satiny appearance with polished edges. Finishes like swirling and antique-like rusting are also available.

If you would like to commission a custom metal sign, or vintage lighted letter sign, please contact us. Bring us your ideas and we will create anything you can imagine.